Saturday, March 2, 2013

Clover Skirt + Inside the Lucky Party

Hello there Jammers of Jamaa! Today's new item, to start the line of items for Lucky Day, is the Clover Skirt, sold in Bahari Bargains!
 You can now celebrate Lucky Day underwater too!

Now, you may not have been able to go to the Lucky Party yet, so here are some pictures for your benefit:

The Lucky Party is in the Small House den, except that pretty much everything about the house is green.

The roof and the floor are both green! Of course.

The shop is not quite full yet, but it still has some cool items in it!

I know this a whole day late, but the new monthly member gifts have been sent out: Arctic Wolf Pups. Yes, they are pets.

Now, they look a lot like the pet foxes.
But that doesn't make them any less cute!

Here is mine:

Do you like him? I like how the clothing items are actual items from Jam Mart Clothing (or other), so you can match your pet. 

Do you like my new background for Lucky Day? 

Happy  Jamming! 

P.S. Enter my contest on my other blog, Tales From the Kitteh! HERE!

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