Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Clover Patch + Another Shout-Out

At last! Finally, there has been a Lucky Party, and I attended it, and captured (and purchased) the new item!
The Clover Patch is in the Lucky Party shop!

Which one is the four-leaved clover?
Do you like this item? I do, because, if you are trying to have a Lucky Day-themed house, you can have some ground cover, because there is no "Lucky Den". Hmm...those are some good ideas!

Why doesn't AJHQ make more Lucky Parties, if they are kind of, well, I don't know, the "Main Attraction".
It's kind of frustrating having to wait a whole day to do this blog post.

I would like to make another shout-out, just to people in general. If you do this, you can realize how rude and annoying this is. If this has happened to you, we can all relate.

If you are like me (you  may not be), you have several buddies whom you do not know. I actually only know  a couple of people on my buddy list (as in, real life). I have done several favors that only a member can do for one of my know-in-real-life buddies, because she is a non-member. However, this may have happened to you before.
You are just hanging out, re-doing your den, categorizing your plushies, etc. You receive a Jam-a-Gram. You are curious to know who this is from, so you open it. It is from one of your buddies. It may say something like this:
(I have a Rare Worn Blanket, and I was wearing it.)
You are kind of confused, so you reply "Why?" 
(This is all kind of hypothetical, since only  members can type their own messages in Jam-a-Grams. So pretend to be a member if you aren't. This only kind of happens with members, because when I was a non-member, nobody did this, even though I had what you may call "Desirable Items". Generally, for non-members, it will just be in a conversation.)
Something like this may come back.

Right. I find this EXTREMELY annoying, for several reasons:
  1. I don't know about you, but this seems like a lie. Because you are typing, and not talking, you can't really sound truthful or sincere. So, they are basically asking me if I will give them an item. Imagine a stranger in the street asking you for your gold-plated watch. 
  2. This kind of shows that people assume that you are naive, as in, since they are your buddy, you will do anything for them. In fact, I had somebody buddy me, and right after, asked if I would send them items, because she was "poor". Also, one of my buddies asked me for a rare (on Sunday, the day before RIM), because she didn't have any. I did some researching, and she had just gotten an achievement for "10,000 gems". 
  3. People are kind of really lazy. If you want items, go to Sol Arcade, play games, earn gems, and buy stuff. If you want rare items, trade your way up the chain. Don't go begging people. I know that sounds kind of selfish, but (most) of the Jammers who have rares and such earn them fair and square, by purchase and/or trade.
Has this ever happened to you?

Please don't be afraid to share!

Happy Jamming!


P.S. I am still accepting donations of plushies. Contributions would be appreciated!


  1. HAPPENED TO ME! I was decorating my den and I got a jamagram, it was from my buddy and she said send me your lava glove, I said no and she started getting mad so I deleated her XD

    1. Yeah....I mean, don't be lazy, people!


  2. Meep! :3 I forgot!! DX I'll send some plushies NOW! (Or maybe, if I don't have any I can spare, something to help you when you do the claw, if you start running out of gems...)

  3. AND GUESS WHAT?! I was just on AJ, and I received a jamagram, from some totally random person.
    "send me headdress please best friend"


  4. @ Kinyonga
    1. It's okay!
    2. That is really weird! They call you best friend, and you don't even know them! (I think)


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