Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hatapalooza is Here!

Well, it's here, Jammers! The holiday you probably didn't expect! Hatapalooza!
Here is the Jamaa Journal, telling you all about it!

Now, you may ask: What is Hatapalooza? Well, it appears to be a fun-filled made up holiday featuring hats, which it is! But, what is it really? Well, in my opinion, Hatapalooza is a kind of secret attempt from AJHQ to stop scamming. I am pretty sure that they think that if they bring back some rare items, and everyone has them, then people won't use scams like these:

There are three shops: One in Mt. Shiveer....

One in Sarepia Forest....

And one in the elusive Canyons Pathway, in between Crystal Sands and Coral Canyons.

Notice how the best hats are sold in the hidden shop, because not many people know that the Canyons Pathway exist.

A lot of scam stories you read about involve Top Hats, so this should help.

It appears that AJHQ is coming out with a new line of items, featuring birthstones.
The Birthstone display. It probably fills up with each month

The Garnet Birthstone, for January. 
What is your birthstone? Mine is sapphire. 

That was a big update. Happy Jamming!


  1. Meep! That's so weird - I saw the second scam you posted there! I mean, I saw that person saying EXACTLY that, in that place! O.O And my birthstone is aquamarine ;)

  2. Does anyone know when the next hatapalooza is?


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