Sunday, December 9, 2012

How I Did!

Now, you may be wanting to know how I did at Jeopardy! audition. Well, we got there, and you got a pen and you had to fill out paperwork. When it was time to start, we all went into this room and took a test. One of the Clue Crew members read out the the clues, and you had some time to answer them. Then they graded. After that, we played the mock game, which went pretty well. I feel I did my best, but they didn't call on the same person if they buzzed in first. Everybody got to answer at least one question. You could tell who was good, and who was not. Then, after your turn at the mock game was done, they asked you a series of questions. You could be the smartest person in the whole wide world, but have the personality of a rock. Or, you could be pretty good at everything, and have the personality of Tiggerkat. Who do you think they would go for? That was my experience! They will call in January if I made it on the show. If I did, then it would kind of be in a bit of a stalemate. You probably already know I am a she, but then you would know my age, where I live, and what I look like. That would sort of ruin the purpose of Blogging for fun, unless you have nothing better to do that make random posts about your cat. Like me. But, that is the besides the point. I still had fun! The best part was we got to take home pop-up frisbees!


  1. haha, no one would want a tiggerkat! too bouncy!!

    I hope hope hope / pray pray pray they pick you! that would be sooooo awesome!!!!


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