Friday, December 7, 2012


The gift that you get for logging in today, December 7th, is the Candy Canes Lights. I am pretty sure I have seen these before.
Still, pretty cool. It's candy canes....and lights! These are all good den items for the perfect Jamaaliday Party!
There is a new item, which you can put on your Jamaaliday Tree (if you are a member). The Candle Ornament!

This is pretty cool! Do you agree? I noticed something. Everything is green! I mean, you can change the colors of items, but all of their original colors are green! What do you think of that?
Here is today's Jamaaliday Jammer!
How appropriate! A wreath!

I  have a side note I would like to add. If you read my post yesterday, about Jamaalidays, I want to get the word spread AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! It is kind of an injustice for people to be feeling left out just because they don't celebrate Christmas. I will be copying the passage from the original post and pasting it on as many posts as possible, so that people can be understood. AJ Bloggers, PLEASE spread the word!!!! 

Here is a serious note I would like to  make to you Animal Jam Bloggers at this time of year. There are many different traditions around the world at this time of year, and I ask that you respect them. You may have noticed that I have replaced the word "Christmas" with "Jamaalidays", which is the word given by AJHQ. This is because not everybody is celebrating Christmas at this time of year, or maybe not celebrating anything at this time of year. The term "Jamaalidays" is a general holiday so that people of all faiths and religions can still have something to celebrate about. I ask that you please call it Jamaalidays so that if there are people of different religions visiting your blog, they do not have to feel awkward about reading a post like "Merry Christmas on Jamaa, everyone! There are a bunch of new Christmas items out!" A person of a different religion will not want to visit Animal Jam for "Jamaalidays" because they think it is one-sided towards Christmas. I speak with personal experience. I have a friend who does not celebrate Christmas, but she is still getting on Animal Jam because it is not biased towards Christmas. Bloggers, please keep it this way, by making it religion-neutral on your Animal Jam blogs, so that you don't ruin it for others. I am not saying I have seen this, but it is just a plea. 

AJ Bloggers, PLEASE copy what is above and paste it into your AJ blog, so that the word is spread!!!!
Happy Jamaaliday Jamming!


  1. Thanks! That's a really good...thing! BUT it's strange (or so I think) that people who don't believe in anything still celebrate Christmas...

  2. I understand what you are saying, but here is my take. I think Christmas has become pretty secular (non-religious) for many people, but to Christians this is the 2nd most important holiday (which means Holy Day). I think if someone wants to say Merry Christmas on their blog, that is fine and Jewish, Muslims, atheist, etc. should not take offense, but appreciate that someone is wishing them good tidings.

    I would also expect a Christian to appreciate it if an atheist said "Season's Greeting" or a Jewish friend said "Happy Hanukkah" on their blog. I am not sure what muslims or people who celebrate kwanza would say, but I would accept it in the peaceful, loving spirit in which it was intended.

    I have a Jewish friend and he tells me Merry Christmas and I tell him Happy Hanukkah and we are both glad for each other in the celebrations of their own holiday (holy day)

    Just my thoughts on this subject

    1. I see your point. I myself am Jewish. My point is the commercialism of it. My friend, who doesn't celebrate Christmas, or any holiday at this time of year, always gets touchy if people try and bring her into Christmas/holiday related things. I don't like the commercialism of Christmas, because that is not what the holiday is about. Even I know that, and I don't celebrate it. I am just trying to stick up for the people who go to someone's blog and see CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS everywhere. I definately agree on the whole "wishing other people happiness for their holiday," but my point is that Bloggers try and...I don't know. I was just asking for a bit of tolerance of other religions' holidays around this time of year. That is all.

    2. I see what you mean. I wasn't trying to pick a fight with anyone, or say that Christmas is bad, or anything. Your comment has made me feel differently on that matter.

    3. WAIT WAIT that is not what I meant. I only meant that your comment has made me see that I am kind of being blinded by something or another. I will not post that again. I now understand that someone wishing everybody to "Have a merry Christmas!" is merely trying to spread some joy around. I am sorry.

    4. you know what? you are a really good friend! And I am sorry your friend feels uncomfortable with christmas wishes, and I hope she comes to realize that no one is trying to make her be jewish or christian, but just want to share joy.

      Do you follow my Ode to God blog? I Would love your input on my posts!

    5. **blushes** Thanks! I'll follow it!

  3. PS--why do you have a cat-of 9-tails whip as your background?

    1. I meant it to be a wand casting a spell.

    2. I hope you didn't change the background for my dumb question, you can delete my above comment and change it back to the other background, I guess I saw it differently bc it looked like the riding crop my cousins have for their horses

    3. I didn't. I needed to holiday-ify this blog anyway. I also changed the cursor. It wasn't because of your question. I can see how you made that mistake, but it's okay.


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