Saturday, December 8, 2012


Okay, I am going to make a post today, but not about new items.

I was in Epic Wonders, when I saw a fox curled up with a crying emoticon over her. I went over, and asked what was wrong. I did NOT stage this with one of my buddies.

So, trying to be nice, I asked what I could do to help.
She said I could send her gifts. By this time, I could hear alarm bells going off in my head. This looked like a scammer.
She then buddied me.
So, playing along, I asked what kind of gifts.

After that, she said: 

I wasn't fooled, but I wanted to see what would happen. So, I sent her a purple diner booth that I traded for. It was member, and could be picked up at the Dinner Party, so it was worthless to me. So, after I sent that, I got a Jam-A-Gram back. And here is what it said. 

Okay, so I followed her to my den, where she was poking around. And I had just prepared it for a Jamaalidays Party! 

Then, she spotted my Toy Boat Pond. It is the prize you get for completing the Journey Book for Kani Cove.  
Update: I got back on the same server, and I had a new Jam-A-Gram. It was from the same person, and she sent me a gift that was "special" to her. 
At this point, I just exited out of Animal Jam. Next time I get on, I will report this person. Her name is Emmapoos, so if you see her, report her. This person is half scamming, half taking advantage of people (like me) who are trying to be nice around Jamaalidays. That reminds me of another story. I was friends with this person, who really wanted bow and arrows. So, she asked if she could have my Phantom Invasion game (which I was saving in case I became a member). I was trying to be nice, so I gave it to her. She said she was going to her friend's den to trade. So, about five minutes later, I clicked on her player card, because it can tell you where your buddies are. She was in Jamaa Township. I went there, and she was dancing, asking for a bow and arrows. I was pretty steamed about that. 

So, Jammers, let's all work together to help stamp out scammers and people who take advantage of others!


Be nice.


Avada Kedavara.

'Nuff said.