Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Paradise Window +Annoying People on Animal Jam

Today's newest item, which, as I assumed, is in the Paradise Party. The Paradise Window is out for members!

I like the window items that come out. Have you noticed that the Paradise Parties are becoming less common?

I know this is probably going to be another long ranting post with hardly any pictures, but at least, I think, you can relate to this one.

There are many forms of annoying people on Animal Jam:
The Askers
These people aren't as annoying as others. They see you have a Rare/Beta item, and go and ask "What for it What for it What for it?" even though it isn't on your trade list. LISTEN UP PEOPLE! If someone doesn't want to give/trade something away, it WON'T be on their trade list. Unless...see below.
The Show-er-Offers
Pretty common. These people get on on Mondays, buy the Rare, and put it on their trade list. Then, they say stuff like "Trade meh I haz rares!!!" Or just show off their "collection."
The Beggers
People pretend they are poor, and ask for "unwanted items" or just "rares" because they are "poor." People then just recycle these items (not the rares) for gems. Why is this annoying? Because in about a minute, they can play Best Dressed, win first place, and get the same number of gems. These people are just lazy.
The Wannabees
I'm not trying to sound snobbish. These people just put on their best Rares (not, of course, anything they think looks good on them, unless it is rare) and try to blend in with the "Cool" crowd.
The Needers
Pretty straightforward. They don't want an item, they NEED it. It's like, "Hey, people. You don't need this item to survive!"

CAN you relate to this?

Happy Jamming!


  1. It bugs me to death when 'rare' people go sit on the bridge. If you go up and try to socialize of sit next them they're like: Please move. You're sitting on me.

    Before I was with my friend and the 2 most annoying girls were there, I badly wanted to tell them off. >_< They were talking about like "No boy would ever love her face", "Her ___ is her only rare", and it got on my nerves alot.

    I sometimes meet people who 'cry' because they can't have my items. It is really annoying. Once I think my friend tried to trick me out of something of mine...

    1. I know what you mean. Sometimes I like to trade, but not very often, so I just leave my items on trade. I guess I should take my items off trade, since I hate how people always ask me to trade or trade me when I'm not trading. Sadly, some people only trade on AJ :/

  2. I look more for mean people.Sometimes I dress as ugly as I can get and go around the pillow room saying ''I am pretty''! The only answer I got was ''You...... are not pretty'' Just then alot of other people in the pillow room stood up for me and where telling the nm that what she said was rude,and she just answered by saying ''I am a new born'' I wish I couldve recorded that! But I totally get you. there are so many annoying people on aj!


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