Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Paradise Banner + Clevercat at the Movies

The last item from the Paradise Party is out today, and it is the Paradise Banner!
Pretty neat, huh? You could have a whole paradise-themed house! Hmm...

What do you think of that idea?

I didn't get the chance to make a full episode, but Clevercat went to the movies, and I followed him and took some pictures.
I know, right? A federal crime!

Yeah...I was a little bit ashamed, but, I mean...
No texting in the theater! What are those big ads at the beginning of the movie for?
Ok, and, I admit, the bird was a little scary.

Clevercat is a tiger after my own heart. I love Butterfingers, and I hate too much butter on my popcorn.
Not to mention people who stand up and block your vision, and ruin your whole movie experience, because you missed the best part where the agent does a double front flip off the building and grabs on to the strategically placed zip line and zooms away back to his base.
I mean, come on, people!

Happy Jamming!

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