Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Heart Eyepatch + The Legend of Sky High

Today's newest Valentine's Day item is the Heart Eyepatch, sold in Bahari Bargains.

Pic credit to Animal Jam Spirit.

What do you think of this item? Personally, I think it would be hard to take a pirate seriously if they were wearing this.

I am going to have a crack at writing a story about Jamaa. It is about how and why the game Sky High was created.

It came to the alphas to creating forms of entertainment around Jamaa when it was first created. However, a fight broke out. Each shaman wanted to make different kinds of games. Liza wanted a low-key, non-violent game. Cosmo wanted the animal to have to show brainpower and knowledge. Peck wanted to make a game with creativity in it. None of the alphas would agree on the game. Finally, Greely came up with a solution. Why not make a game that shows influences from all alphas? So, they took his advice and started to make the game. It was long and tedious work; they had many small tasks to perform. It was up to Cosmo and Peck to design the game. It was up to Greely, Sir Gilbert, and Liza to gather the necessary materials for this game. After several long, hard years, they finally accomplished it. 
They all turned to Peck, and she said, "This creation of ours needs a name." The other alphas nodded in agreement. "'Sky High' we shall call it," said Cosmo, "for the animals playing soar high into the sky?" The other alphas murmured their assent. And at last, at long last, the first game in Jamaa was created. The animal would leap from cloud to cloud in order to reach the top. This taught bravery and courage. The animal could also pick up gems along the way. This taught the animal how to accept rewards for their work, but not to be tempted from diverting from their path. On certain clouds, if the animal went for the gem, he/she would not be able to make it to the next cloud. 
Several years passed, and the animals were happy with this game. However, one day, Liza had an idea. She had seen several poor animals hobbling around the streets. "Why not," she suggested one day, "why not give the animals a bonus for reaching their goal?" She went through all of Jamaa, and collected old, forgotten, and rare items. She soared up to the top of the clouds in the game, opened the treasure chest (which, until then , had held a one-hundred gem bonus), and placed the items inside. Now, lucky, brave, and daring animals who reached the top would be rewarded, and no longer poor. In this way, the alphas' game helped shaped the animals' character.

I hope you liked my story!

Happy Jamming!


  1. I dide'nt like that story... I LOVED IT! I love this story so much that I want to put it on my storys tab on my blog. I will say it is by vms915 of course. Would you let me do this?



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