Monday, February 11, 2013

Back Online and Pinky-er Than Ever!

Animal Jam is back online! I can't imagine what they had to fix.

Anyway, there are new items in the Friendship Party.

Pictures taken from Kinyonga's Animal Jam Times
I don't have pic-taking capabilities on this computer.

Are you going to pick up these items? They may be rare in the future....

Speaking of rare, today's RIM is a partner to last week's rare. The Rare Knight Armor!

Gee...kind of expensive, don't you think?

I am currently looking for some old non-member den items! (Just a shout-out) Here is what I am willing to trade:
Head Feather (yellow & red)
Bronze Peck Statue
Bronze Marco Statue
Rare Clover Blanket
I know that is kind of lame. If you have any questions, just comment. If you go to my den (vms915), you can ask about anything in there. I am looking for anything I would dub from "Gamma Times." Everyone knows what Beta times are, but I call the times after Beta "Gamma," because it is after beta in the Greek alphabet. These would classify as anythign sold before parties, ocean lands, journey books, etc. I would classify the Cat Banner, Fox Hat, and non-member pottery as "Gamma." (for example)Before all of the scamming stuff. Before RIMs. Any trades?

Happy  Jamming!

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