Monday, March 24, 2014

^.^ ^.^ ^.^

Here's another mini rant for y'all; this time it's about AJ blogs. Do you know how much they use the ^.^ face? I saw it in a post like five times! It's not even cute anymore, it's get just plain obnoxious! There are plenty of other emoticons to use out there, it's not like that's the only way to express yourself. ^.^ expresses cheerfulness right? There are lots of other cheerful emotes: :) :D C: . See what I mean? So why do people always have to use that face? The community! Probably because Snowyclaw, probably the most famous AJ Blogger since Fuzzy Shyivy, uses that face often, but not overly so. And of course, people can't be original. They try to be her. They even use the same font, template, etc. Everybody has an imagination... But I guess not everybody uses it.


  1. I try and keep my use of that emote to a minimum...
    It's a shame that it had to be, for want of a better word, "spoiled" like that....same with Starbucks. :|


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