Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Giving Credit

Hey Jammers! Vms915 here, with a little lesson-thingy on giving credit.

Many Bloggers complain that they don't receive enough credit. But, is it really complaining? Do they have a right to complain?


However, there are different levels of credit you should give, depending on what the person borrowed.

Type A Credit:
Example: *Credit to vms915*
Things that anyone can find out easily
Item images (not at a party)
Well-known ideas/tips (like the fact that if you dance around the fire at Sarepia Forest, Mira appears)
If the person doesn't own their own blog

Type B Credit:
Example: *Credit to vms915 of Animal Jam Nox*
Things that may not be found easily, but can be discovered with a little poking around.
Item images from parties
Minor Glitches
Events (Flash mobs, anti-scamming rallies, etc.)

Type C Credit:
Example: *Credit to vms915 of Animal Jam Nox* (with link to blog)
Things/images that required tampering/poking around
Major Glitches
Hand-made graphics (an image of something taken and had the background erased)

The reasons you should give credit:

  • The person(s) who found the image/thing worked hard to find/make/write it, or at least took time out of their day to get on Animal Jam and take a screenshot. 
  • Some blog owners, who take time just to, say, find graphics and glitches, would like more blog traffic, and it is not fair for you to take their "hard-earned" masterpieces and pass them off for your own.
I will not do anything like make a list of people to watch out for because they don't give (enough) credit, but I will say be careful about who you borrow pictures from, and who you give/lend/email them to.

If you see that a blog has something on it that you know you discovered/came up with, just ask the blog owner where they got it from, because chances are the blog owner got it from another person, not you.

Remember to be polite, though! Don't go and comment on someone's blog "Why did you steal my glitch images??? Give me credit NOW!"

And, lastly, just remember to check and see that the images/things you have "created" are, indeed, your own, because it is perfectly possible that someone had the same idea as you.

~vms915, signing off!

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