Sunday, October 20, 2013

Minecraft Back Surprises

I just got back from a soccer tourney! Fun! :)

I just wanted to post this to make a quick note....
Has anyone else noticed how there is a sort of trend (in posting about AJ items) where the author mushes together the item names?

Example: If newest items/new things are:
New advertisements
Bubble Helmet
Artwork that the author drew

Then the title would be something like "Bubble Artwork Ads"
(like what I did to the title of this post)
Just a personal opinion....
If you want to do this to your titles, try and make them something understandable. :P
I've been searching through my Blogger Dashboard, looking at all of the posts I've missed, and the title says something like "Brainy Glasses" and "Bat Brains" (from the Bat Glasses and whatever the head brain item is called :P). And, seeing the title, all I say is "Wut?"
Dis is a tad cornfusing. :P
(I only made the title of this post like that to sort of make a point/make a visual aid :P)

Anyway, Peace Out Jammers!


The Launch of my super secret surprise is coming soon!
Note: you probably won't like it if you don't like Minecraft, but still, I hope there are some of this blog's followers who play Minecraft. :3

(Dat's a hint, by the way :3)


  1. Quinn the Cat's Minecraft Blog?

    Is that what it is?

  2. Minecraft is epic! :D

    But the endermen, oh goodness, they scare the living daylights out of me. And in the PC version they have mouths, which is super creepy.

    1. Yush! :D

      Exactly! @.@
      And the noises...

    2. I sounds like it's gagging.

      u ok enderman

      u feeling nauseous

    3. But I found out something insteresting: enderman noises are actually a guy saying stuff like 'hello' and 'oh no', but backwards and distorted.

    4. It's cleeever. But still scary. And still sounding like it has the enderflu.

  3. I will like it, since I play AJ and Minecraft! My blog is


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