Thursday, October 10, 2013

Drama Tips and Things

Hullo Jammers!

I've been noticing drama on some blogs...

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you have probably  noticed this, and if you haven't been reading for a while, here it is: I like to post tips and tutorials and helpful stuff and things. I generally won't post rants (I have before, only when I was 127% fed up with stuffz) and stuff like that (I'm not really sure if Super Annoying Things on Animal Jam counts as a rant...I like to think of it as posting on a topic that most of us can relate to :3).

So, instead of ranting about all this drama (which tends to make things worse), I've decided just to post some tips on drama. I'm not thinking of anybody in particular when posting this (what I mean by that is I am not directing this post at anyone, for example, I am NOT doing "SecretiveUnicorn, you should read this! It would help a lot!").

So, here is some stuff!

Tips for handling drama aimed at you:

  • Defend yourself, but don't get angry and frustrated. Using the following scale of anger, try and stay on Level 1. It looks a whole lot better when you keep your cool.
    • Level 1: Calmly answering questions, replying to hate comments, and dealing with that stuff in general. Key word: Calm.
    • Level 2: You answer questions and deal with hate somewhat-calmly, but you are starting to lose your cool. Your comments aren't making as much sense, and you start using Caps to emphasize things, which tends to look...I don't know...aggressive? I have no idea...
    • Level 3: Dealing with hate with constantly receding sometimes resort to Caps, or even a swear word or two...Behind your profile pic, your face is getting redder and redder.
    • Level 4: Pffft. Steam is coming out of your ears, and your "calm, cool and collected" replies are STARTING TO LOOK LIKE THIS!!!!!!!>=C
    • Level 5: If you are commenting on any blog with a respectable and decent owner who likes to keep the environment kid-friendly, your comments are being deleted by the dozen. Cool it down on the swearing!
  • Make a post about it on your blog, but make it a defense of yourself, not a rant or complaint about the person who is accusing you. Stick to Level 1. 
  • Make sure to handle it! Don't try and let it blow over; handle it with dignity and calmness. It will blow over eventually, once both sides admit fault (even if there isn't fault on one side, or regardless of how much fault each person has ["She said more bad stuff about me" "He started it!"]), or a compromise is reached.
Tips for posting on drama:
  • Is it good to keep your readers in the know? By posting about it, you are probably spreading more drama. The people who read your blog will add their opinions to the mix, making it more jumbled. 
  • But, if you have to (for whatever reason), follow these tips:
  • Don't be biased. Even if you have an opinion, keep it to yourself. Sometimes....Opinions=Drama; Drama=The thing you are trying to avoid. There will always be some people who will disagree with your opinion. Among the people who disagree, there will be those who keep their opinion to themselves, and those who share it. Notice a pattern yet?
Tips for commenting on drama:
  • Don't assume that you know everything about the situation.
  • Listen to both sides before, if you must, posting a comment showing your support of one side or the other.
  • Don't post an opposing comment on the other person's blog. Example: QuinnTheCat/vms915 and SecretiveUnicorn have been arguing and stuff for a while now. ShamelessNarwhal can't stand SecretiveUnicorn, and believes that Quinn is right, and SecretiveUnicorn is just stirring up drama. So, ShamelessNarwhal goes on to SecretiveUnicorn's blog, Animal Jam Magical Horns. Shameless proceeds to post the following comment: "OMG u shud totes quit, Secretive. ur blog sux. u suk. i hat ur gutz. if u quit ill thro a partee. it wud be dat awsum." Yeah, in hindsight, Shameless realizes she shouldn't have posted that, but it's too late. Only blog administrators can permanently remove comments (which I advised against in my last post), but they have probably already read the comment. ShamelessNarwhal, there goes SecretiveUnicorn's respect and tolerance for you.
And, lastly, here is a handy, 3-step guide to creating drama!
  1. Don't.
  2. Repeat step 1.
  3. Always remember steps 1 & 2.
I hope that helped!

Happy Jamming!


Note to peeps: I am NOT posting this just to make more I stated above, I prefer to post tips and things. I do not wish to brag or be rude, but some of these tips would be helpful for some people...


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    I really like this and do what you say on this blog if I ever have any drama online. Thanks.


  2. i thought this was about drama CLASS


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