Saturday, June 1, 2013

You're Beautiful! Like a Diamond in the.....Shop?

Hey Jammers!

Well, I was wrong. :P
I was thinking that this new update would be the new land...but, I guess, all that journeying stuff takes a while. It doesn't help if you are a mini koala, or a huge elephant or rhino, or if you are super tall.

So, the update was the addition of the "Diamond Shop."


Well, like most arguments, this new addition has two sides.

Or, really, three.

Side one:


Their opinion (what I said above): Yay?

They have about a one in twenty chance every day of getting a diamond, but can't spend them, except on gems.

Non-rare members:

Their opinion: Yay!

A bunch of rare items that are EXTREMELY popular have come to shops. What's wrong with that?

So, even a member who had only been on Animal Jam since December can have an almost complete "Rare/famous Jammer" outfit: Tail armor, Top Hat (from Hatapalooza), Legendary Glove.

Rare members:

Their opinion, or, rather, their reaction:

"WHY DID AJHQ HAVE TO BRING BACK THESE RARES @#%^&@$*&@$(^&@$^(*@$&^@$(*&%@!#%^*&$@^&(#@$%&*#%&^$@%$#*@&^%$!?!?!?!?!?!?"

Now, I apologize if you fall into one of these categories and this does not apply to you. I was basing this off of my first visit into the Diamond Shop, where the (some of) the rare members looked ready to explode with anger and indignation.

I am sure there are some rare members who are happy about this! And, some non-members who are excited about this because it's a pretty neat update.

I am also sure that there are people who are happy about this because they play Minecraft and can brag that they have a lot of diamonds! :3

(like meh)

Personally, I am happy about this, because I am hoping to be a member soon, and I can buy my dream item: a Rainbow Cloud.

Now, whatever your reaction to this new update, it is a good idea. It is sort of like someone getting you a hairbrush when you have 5.

It shows that they at least care! :3

This sort of shows that AJHQ is trying to crack down on scamming, not by being more harsh or monitoring Jammers more closely, but by bringing rare items back so that people don't have to scam to get items.

So, what is your opinion on the diamond shop?

Happy Jamming!


(I am hoping to get some good diamond graphics soon)


  1. I'm a rare member and my reaction is: YAYYY!!!
    I'm SO glad they brought back those items!
    The only think is the animals - all those people who spent money on 'em, etc... >.<

  2. The diamond shop building doesn't fit into the architectural style of Jamaa Township XD

  3. I had posted my thoughts of this on my Art Central blog in a rant because non-members can't buy ANY ITEMS! =_=

    1. It's really frustrating how nonmembers have to work harder for diamonds (through the spinner), and the only thing they can get is gems.

      I need to read that post! It's also really frustrating how the posts on your blog don't show up on the Dashboard, 'cause I want to read them!!!


  4. vms, you put in 2 the's in: Where the (some of) the rare members


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