Sunday, June 16, 2013

β-β-β-β-βeta? (and then some)

Hey Jammers! Vms915 back here and posting, having returned from camp (with only a few minor injuries and such)!

Looking through all of the posts on the blogs I follow, trying to catch up on the Animal Jam news, three new things stuck out to me:



Okay, I know that's knot how u speell eet.
Deel wit mai turrible speelling.

Credit for this image goes to Animal Jam Times!


It's a kangaroo!


s leaving to go on an "adventure"


s coming


New land


(wink, wink, nod, nod)

Just a theory ;)

I also noticed two items that aren't really new:

Credit goes to Kinyonga's Animal Jam Times for the pics!

Two reasons I noticed these two items in particular:

1. I like tea :)
2. They're beta

So many people make a big deal about beta.

For those who do not know, beta testing, or beta for short, refers to the time period before Animal Jam officially launched itself.

(I'm pretty sure I messed up that definition, but who cares?)

Beta can also refer to an item that was sold during beta testing, like, say, for instance, the Tea Cup.

I'm not going to make this a post where I explain the two sides of the whole beta argument. Instead, I thought I'd share come cool beta pics! :)

Here are all of the pawesome blogs/people these came from:
Animal Jam Freedom
Myself ;)

The following were found by me: (I'm pretty sure that some of them are exclusive, meaning that they have never been found before. If you use these, please give me credit :])

(Ooooo....the elusive green top hat!)

(you don't have to give me credit for that one)

(notice Professor Vonmaster? He has an unreleased/deleted color of top hat!)

(focus on the bit on the right)

Enjoy those beta pics!

I am thinking about having a page about Beta....what do you think?

Happy Jamming!




  1. yes do a beta page!! I like potatoes... first comment.. 0_0

  2. Isn't it ridiculous how jammers are all: "You can't buy it, so it's beta." Beta was a testing period... ^.(\

    1. That gets on my nerves, when people do that...


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