Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sorry......And Then Some More Items

Sorry I haven't been posting....but I have been really busy, and then I got sick, and then I was still really busy, but I will keep up now. Please accept my apology. So....I will cover all of the new updates from when I stopped posting.
First, from Saturday, a Turkey Hat!

This also came back from last year. I bought one when I was in a dinner-type den, and my buddy wanted a turkey to eat. So I gave it to them. :P And it is still non-member, and only 250 gems. Yay!

The next item, which came out on Sunday, is the Dragonfly Wings. Aren't these beautiful? Ahhh........

Since this is from Epic Wonders, the price of 3,000 gems is understandable. It is worth it, too. I saw these on someone, and they looked really good. They are kind of a change from the wings in the Shiveer Shop, and the classic Butterfly Wings. Pick some up today!

The next item, which is a Rare Item on a Monday, is the Rare Mohawk. And it's green! (my favorite color)

Sorry, I had to copy this picture from Animal Jam Firework | Spino11's Animal Jam Blog. So, what do you think? I know what I think. 1) Would look good on seals, and 2) WAY TOO EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!!!! I mean, 900 gems? For hair? It doesn't even look that good. Really?

Okay, almost there. Now, yesterday's item. The Dandelion Patch!
Plant experts, correct me if I am wrong, but I believe these are fall plants. Wait- that doesn't sound right. Never mind. These are a good little addition to your den yard to make it look realistic. Plus, if you don't have any food in your den, take a bowl and put these in it. You can have dandelion salad! 

*drumroll* Today's item! 
Splash and Dash! 
Wait, isn't that a game? It is!

You can now get Splash and Dash for your den. That is kind of strange, because it is an underwater game, so if a member doesn't have an ocean animal, they could still play this. I think. Oh well. I like the shells and the pearls on the side. Nice touch. 

Okay, I am all caught up. Happy Jamming!

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  1. Why isn't't splash and dash a game that can go in underwater dens and land dens?


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