Thursday, November 15, 2012


The new underwater item today is the Propeller:

Cool!  I bet this would make bubbles as you move. I only have one complaint, and for once, it is not the price. Why can't they make some more non-member underwater items? I could understand when there was only one animal, the seal, but now that there are three non-member underwater animals, the seal, penguin, and the turtle, you would have thought that they have some more non-member clothes items. But unless my math is incorrect, there are only four non-member clothes items: The Pirate Bandanna, the Rare Pirate Bandanna, the Wave Necklace, the Anchor Ball Cap and the Flower Necklace. There are actually some more, I believe, but not for sale. So, anyway, Happy Jamming!


  1. Your maths IS incorrect XD You put down 5 items when you said there'd be 4 :p



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