Thursday, November 1, 2012

Large Cactus + Clearance

All items Halloween-related is on clearance, everywhere around Jamaa. The Haunted Mansion den, all costume items and all den items, above and below the water. Even in Epic Wonders. There is also a new item out. It is the Large Cactus.

It is only 200 gems, and it is non-member. I think they are bringing this back from last year. Its actual name is the Prickly Pear cactus. We used to have one, and I still have a lot of holes in my fingers. The spines are really thin, and you can barely see them, but they still hurt A LOT!
They released the new monthly member gift. It is a pet fox!
Really? I still think these would be pretty cool to have, but it just seems like AJHQ is turning regular animals into pets. Soon, they will have pet penguins, horses, and giraffes. Still, pretty cool, though. So, what did you do for Halloween? Share some stuff below. Happy November Jamming and get ready for Thanksgiving!

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