Monday, November 19, 2012

RIM: Snowman Mask

Before I start posting, I have decided I will not post on Sundays. Not for any religious reasons, just because I usually don't have time to post.

So, the Rare Item today is the Snowman Mask.
I bet they had a harder time with this item, making it Rare, I mean, because there is not much color to it as other items, like the Clover Blanket. But seriously, what is up with these prices? I know these are Rare Items, and all that, but this is getting out of hand. This is still a pretty cool Rare that AJHQ has come up with. I wonder if they will ever run out of items. I doubt it.
Here is a discussions topic I've been hearing about: Jammers are wondering if the Gingerbread House from last year will be sold this year. What do you think about this? Happy Jamming!

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  1. I hope it comes back!!!!!! (gingerbread house lol) I really want one, and there's a sligh possibility of me becoming a member around then so...meep!



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