Monday, November 5, 2012

RIM: Steampunk Goggles

Today's Rare Item on a Monday day is the Rare Steampunk Goggles. Pretty cool.
I like the colors, but I don't really understand how you see through the orange. I guess you can, though. I wish they had some non-member versions of these, because I have wanted these ever since I first saw them, and I have never been a member. Sadly. 850 gems? That is a teeny bit pricey.
Also, there is an item that came out yesterday, but I couldn't post about it. It is the Maple Leaf Rug.
   This is yet another cool fall item coming out for......guess what.......FALL! This is yet another, an EPIC! item. Not a bad price, either. This looks pretty cool. You can tell the size of a rug, because the rugs are usually bigger than the mats.

Here is an announcement:
SilverDawn is having a few contests, and she would like you to enter! Click here to go to her blog, to enter the contests. Good luck!

And, as usual, Happy Jamming!

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