Friday, January 3, 2014


Okay, so I have put the Graphics page back up, and all of the Graphics posts. Even though some people still haven't figured some things out yet. :|

So, I will say this for the umpteenth time: PLEASE, if you any graphics on the graphics page that say that I hand-made them, PLEASE give AJ Nox credit!

Again, this is not me trying to be all bratty and "my blog has less views than urs so i shuld get moar!"

It's just EXTREMELY frustrating when you take time to make something, and then people just take it without acknowledgement when you SPECIFICALLY asked for it. :|

Yes, this does include if you use the graphics on the page to make your own graphics page. I have no problem with that, just please say something along the lines of "Graphics on this page taken from Animal Jam Nox"

Now, I would not call myself tactless, meaning I am not the person who would see my graphics on your blog, without credit, and go all "!#$%@#$^@$%^#$%^%$#&$%#^%$#^%$#$^$# GIVE ME CREDIT NOW OR U R DOOMED I WILL HAUNT YOU UNTIL THE END OF YOUR MISERABLE LIFE !$#%#$@%^#$^%#$&%^&%$^&$%^&$%^&$%^&&@$#%@#%#$ AND THEN HACK U ON AJ"

Yeah....I won't do that.



I won't, though. ;)

I'm not that concerned with people taking them without giving credit. (now you're probably like "WUT? THAT'S WHAT THIS WHOLE !#@$%@#$% POST IS ABOUT!!!!!"

I'm just raising a stink (as my mother would say) because I specifically mention to give meh credit. People don't read. :|

So, if you are visiting the graphics page with the intention of using my hand-made graphics, you taking the time to read several words would be much appreciated.

Now, not everyone does this. I would like to give a shoutout to Nafaria9!
This is on her blog! A huge thank-you to Nafaria9 for being able to read! :D

It doesn't even have to be that explicit! You can just add somewhere in a post (most graphics taken from AJ Nox).

So, when I come to your blog and see you used them, I just search and find where you gave me credit. :)
It isn't just Nafaria...I would like to give a huge Bofur-hug to everyone who took time to read the full page. :)
I would like to show my enormous gratitude to you. :)

The least I can do is shower you with Bofur gifs. :D

gah oMo

Anyway...after that brief, awesome intermission...

The graphics before the homemade ones, however, DO NOT require credit, as anyone with a basic knowledge of HTML can access them. :)
So, it would be wrong to take credit for them.

Okay...I'm done ranting. All I ask is doesn't take that long to read a sentence or two.



Be nice.


Avada Kedavara.

'Nuff said.