Monday, July 8, 2013

The Legend of Erik

I was bored, so I decided to write a legend! It is about Erik, the Arctic Wolf alpha. Last night, I noticed that there are no alphas for the Lion, the Arctic Wolf, the Snow Leopard, or the Kangaroo.
I'm going to write legends for each respective, made up alpha.

Starting with Erik!

Erik was the leader of his Arctic Wolf pack. Numbering only 20, they lived a hard life, living in Northern Greenland. Every day was a struggle to survive. Food was scarce, and warmth, love, and friendship even more so. The pack all mistrusted each other. They lied, cheated, and stole just to get an extra morsel of food. The only thing holding the pack together was Erik. He was a fair ruler, just too. He never abused his power, what little of it he had, for the pack rarely followed his commands and rules. Yet, somehow, they survived.

One day, when Erik was out hunting for seals, he stepped on thin ice. It cracked, and he was submerged in an icy pool. Erik struggled for breath, and he sank lower, lower, lower into the pool's icy depths. With a slight bump, he touched the bottom. Erik was still struggling for breath, but, with a jolt, realized he could breath normally. A shimmering, blue light appeared a distance from him. He started walking along the rocky pool bottom towards it. It was constantly backing away, until he was at a wall: the pool's steep, abrupt edge. Suddenly the water began to swirl. A gaping hole appeared in the pool's edge. Erik backed away, but it sucked him in, into darkness.

When Erik awoke, he was in a building. He marveled at how he knew this, for he had never heard of the word  building, much less been inside of one. Erik was suddenly aware of a creature standing over him. He sprang up. It was a panda. "Are you all right?" she asked gently. He nodded dumbly. "Follow me," the panda said, and, without another word, turned and walked out the door. Erik followed her.

He was in a town square. Colorful buildings rose up on every side. The panda turned to him. "Would you like to be an alpha?"
Erik stared at her. "A what?"
The panda laughed a tinkling laugh. "Silly me, I forgot to tell you. I am Liza, the panda alpha of Jamaa."
"What is-" Erik began to ask, but she cut him off.
"Jamaa is a haven for animals like you and me. It is the alphas' job to protect the animals from dark forces that attempt to penetrate Jamaa. We want you to become an alpha."
"But what about my pack?" Erik asked.
"They can come and live here, if they wish, but they must be honest from now on." Erik nodded. 
"I accept your offer."

And so the Arctic Wolves came to Jamaa. Soon, there were about 50 of them. Many of them repented their ways and became honest citizens of Jamaa, but not all. There were still several who lied and cheated, in order to get what they wanted.

Erik looked sadly upon these several Arctic Wolves. One day, he went to Liza and said, "I'm sorry I brought my pack to Jamaa." Liza shook her head. 
"You don't have to be. It was I who offered to give them a home in the first place."
"But why can't we just make them leave Jamaa?" Erik persisted.
Liza sighed. "I wish it was that easy. But, already they have spread their evil, not just to other arctic wolves, but to all kinds of creatures in Jamaa." She patted him. "You are an asset to Jamaa. Don't let the antics of your pack trouble you."

Erik soon was revered as one of the kindest alphas, but also as one of the strongest. 
Yet, that fateful day when the arctic wolves of Greenland came to Jamaa was a turning point in Jamaa history and culture, although they did not know it then...

I hope you enjoyed that legend!

Soon, I'll do some for the other animals' alphas!

What did you think of that legend?



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