Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Scratch that last post...

This is probably going to be the last post, until maybe Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. That post will most likely become the last post for a week, because I am going to a soccer camp in the morning, and will be really busy in the afternoon, so.....
But I'll be posting on mah other blogs, just not this one.


AJ is getting kind of boring...to be perfectly honest, there are only 2 things that keep me on AJ:
1. My awesome buddies, and the long, stimulating conversations we have. :3
2. This blog. It is a lot of fun to post what I do (a whole lot more than New Item posts).

Where as, there are several things that would make me want to go:
1. About 70% of the people who play Animal Jam are idiots. (None of my AJ friends are!)
2. AJHQ's head honcho is probably looking like this:

3. About 70% of the cool features require a membership. A membership seems so pointless, yet being an NM is no fun, because we get NO respect from other players, unless you are just a famous person whose membership expired, or are super-dooper rare, and NO respect from AJHQ, because we don't want to spend $15 on virtual items and respect.
4. Ima gonna be in high school in 2 years. Don't get me wrong, it's not the age thing, it's just that I will have a ton of work (most likely).
5. Minecraft, both single- and multiplayer, is a superior game by far. Superior in sound effects, gameplay, coding, etc.
6. Everybody is so obsessed by rares = scamming and hacking galore = explanation why kids today are how they are. (See #1)
7. AJ is a fun game, but it has no purpose, no sense of reward (I know the rare people will speak up right about now) for accomplishing something. Maybe it has some, but believe me, I'd take hitting a 9-block vein of diamond ore (MC speak FTW!) any day over getting a Founder's Hat.
8. The people (Sort of see #1 & 6). About 90% of the famous people drive me up the wall. Here is how they started: Got a couple of rares either legitimately or by scamming/hacking. Got a YouTube/blog. Started doing vids. People wanted to follow to be part of the cool crowd. Gets more followers. People start sending rares so that they will get called out in vids/posts. Mailtime is invented. Famous people get more famous for saying "Seriously? A red necklace? Psh." and "OMGFOUNDERSHAT" for 10 minutes in a video. People send more and more rare items, in the hope that their item will become the title of the vid.

I'm sorry.
It's pathetic.
Note how no where in there does it mention "Famous people have a skill that makes them famous, e.g. making people laugh."
Maybe that's because on AJ, there is no skill required, therefore, nothing sets these people apart from the rest of us except by what they wear?
9. (as sort of mentioned above) Animal Jam is teaching us to judge others on what they wear. It is teaching us to value clothing and furniture, tangible commodities, over love, friendship, bravery, and all that good stuff.

Gee. I sure hope they don't put too much hope in to this generation.
If we are "the future"...
I'd hate to say it...
...but we are screwed.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am not saying Minecraft teaches you how to live your life and stuff, I'm just saying, it's better than AJ in the sense that 1. You can choose not to be judged, if you do Singleplayer, and 2. If you do Multiplayer, you are judged on your skill, not your skin (well, sort of, but usually only if your skin is crazy cool. No one's going to come up to you and say "What a stupid skin." [generally]). That is a little more like how we should be judged in real life, if we are to be judged at all.

All I'm going to say.



If you have read this post to the end, and are reading this, please know that I did not wish to offend any of my blog readers. I may have inadvertently. Just please note that I was not thinking of anyone in particular when I said that 70% of Jammers are idiots. I was basing it off of my past experiences on Animal Jam. Thank you for your consideration.


  1. You are sure being a real negative person!

    1. I'm usually not, I just wanted to get that rant out about Animal Jam. X3

  2. You are sure being a real negative person and you are crazy.

    1. o.O
      There are some crreeeeeppppyyy people on this planet, I've noticed o.O

  3. I agree with all of that. Finally, another person who speaks my language besides Draggy...


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