Thursday, October 18, 2012

Scary Balloons

Today's newest den item is the Scary Balloons. I believe they brought these back from last year. 

I recall these being on people's trading lists. I'm glad their non-member. I can add some to my Halloween party. Yes, that's right. I think I will hold a Halloween party. I will make a post if that is definite. I hope it is. Just a note: I will hold parties from time to time. Mainly for pageviews and holidays. I might hold one for my birthday. Anyway, everyone is welcome to my parties. I will never do only member, or anything like that. However, I will require you to, say, wear a costume for  Halloween, or wear Christmas colors for Christmas. This is because I will take pictures of the parties and post them on the blog. However, in order for the party to happen, I will need at least 4 people to RSVP (in the comments below). I don't want to hold a party and have nobody turn up.

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