Friday, October 19, 2012

Phantom Mask...and more!

Today's newest Night of the Phantoms item is the Phantom mask in Epic Wonders. 

That looks familiar, doesn't it? 

I think I know which one I would pick to wear. The mask is more expensive, but it looks more like a Phantom. It would look better on an animal who was going as a Phantom for Halloween. 

Today, I was trying to make some buddies, but with little luck. 
He didn't accept my buddy request. Darn. I really liked his den.
Oh, yeah. Here's the Daily Explorer post. From now on, they will be on my Archives blog. 

And, thanks to Zebrasavvy, this newest item: 
And, this one:

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  1. Pumbaa!! Dear old Pal!! Why are you so rude to my dear friend Spotts???!! Be nice, buddy her!!

    warmly yours,


Be nice.


Avada Kedavara.

'Nuff said.