Thursday, October 25, 2012

More Costume Accessories + Masks

There are a whole lot of new things today. Are you ready????? 
Monster Teeth. Geez. These are expensive. 500 gems? Come's not like they actually make money by selling this stuff. That's why they sell membership.

Yeti Mask. I can't believe these are half the price of the Teeth. Anyway, aren't yetis supposed to be white?

Now....underwater stuff!
A coral Phantom Statue! This, I can understand being 500 gems. But teeth? This is still pretty cool for Halloween for your den.

Nessie Mask. 
This goes well with the fact that a lot of people have been noticing Nessie in Mt. Shiveer.

Skull Necklace. Why are all these accessories more expensive than the actual costume? These look like the Skull Hats,  but mini. 

Anyway, there are new intro screens. Here are a few:

These are cooler than the other ones, but they put more emphasis on the Shamans. 
Happy Jamming!

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