Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Neck Bolts, Scary Barrel Sponge, and Story Blog

I kind of noticed that AJHQ makes new items in dollops. They make a page full of land den items, and a page full of land cloth items. Next, they do the same thing for underwater. Anyway, we are now in the underwater dollop. 
Today's new underwater item is the Neck Bolts. These would look really cool above land. 

I suppose they are for Frankenstein costumes on Halloween. Anyway, the newest underwater den item is the Scary Barrel Sponge. Hmmm, blue pumpkins.

Correction: Hmm, purple pumpkins. I wish I could have a tubular pumpkin for Halloween. What do your pumpkins look like?  

Click here to go to my new story blog. I would appreciate character sign-ups!

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