Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Adventure Levels

As you probably know, for members everywhere (or NMs at the Base Camp), you can show your adventure level, which will look like a number in a shape. :3
As you progress in levels, they get harder and harder to achieve, requiring more courage to level up.

Here are all of the seen shapes of levels:

Each 5 levels has a certain shape:
1-4: Circle
5-9: Star
10-14: Diamond (ish)
15-19: Square

What do you think the other ones are?
Have you seen any that high?



  1. Maybe it's like, some freaking crazy squiggly circle cloud thingamagig and then the next one will be, like, a triangle... and then.. and then.. a octagon, a rectangular prisim, and then... and thennnnnnnnnnnn--------

  2. although i have seen a level 28 AND 29 WHICH IS CRAZY but those numbers do exist.....

  3. The shape for level 20-30 continues to be a square.

  4. only once i saw an animal that was level 22 sadly i dont remember the shape he had


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