Sunday, February 23, 2014

Alliterative Author Audition Things! :D

Here it is! Even though I'm not on Animal Jam anymore, I really like the idea of this blog continuing. So, I will be hiring one or two authors! :)

I will NOT be hiring authors to do daily item posting, though. No offence! I just like the idea of this blog continuing as it did at its "prime."

So, fill out this form and email it to me at! :)
Blog name:
Link to blog profile (preferably Blogger over Google+):
Main blog (if you have one, doesn't have to be AJ) URL:
Sample post (if you have an existing post you want to submit, just insert the link):
Why you want to be blog author (just curious :3):

**UPDATE** You must be able to post a quality/full length post at least once a week!
What I'm looking for an author to post (You can use these ideas for your sample post):
-NOT Daily item post
-A unique style. No offence, but I'd rather not have any Snowyclaw-style posts, as they are so common nowadays .-.
-Geeky references (not required, but awesome! Fantastic, in fact. Better than David Tennant playing Thranduil in The Hobbit, which did in fact almost happen.)
-GIFs are good. GIFs are very good. Whether they are from Animal Jam or just expressing your feelings/opinions, GIFs are very, very good.
-Tutorials (AJ or Blogger, not ones I've already done, sorry! Preferably not obvious ones, like how to buy clothing, etc.)
-Cool Tips (for Blogger and AJ)
-Legends (original/creative is good! NO plagarizing! If you become author, you can post other's legends, with their permission and giving them due credit.)
-Your art! (AJ related)
-Graphics (made by YOU! ;])
-HTML tricks
-Funny things about Animal Jam
-Ironic things about Animal Jam
-Stupid things about Animal Jam
-Stupid things done by AJHQ
-Rants (ONLY if they are not offensive to any readers. Offending AJHQ is okay, as long as it is in an appropriate manner. Example: AJHQ Y U DU DIS DUM CHAT THING 2 ME!!!!! [Preferably a more mature rant than that, unless immaturity is imitated for humorous effect.)
-Funny things that happened in your life (not making up all of your posts, but occasionally a few)
-A mash of all of the above! :)

So, audition, spread the word, and have fun! :)

~Le Quinn


  1. Does pikmin count as geeky references, even if nobody gets it? '-'

    1. Yup! :)
      I make references all the time that people don't get :P

    2. @Ethereal

      YOU LIKE PIKMIN!? You're my best friend now.

  2. Yay, kewl! I totally recommend numnum13 as an author, (are nominations allowed?) Also, when are our submissions due? ;)


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