Monday, August 25, 2014

Yes. There is a store there. You're standing right next to it. But I think that's pretty obvious, seeing as there's a huge sign that says "SALE". Okay,  maybe it's not huge, but it's noticable.
Or are you saying that you, the penguin, has a store inside of you? In your belly, perhaps? Wait, no, that's pretty disgusting.
*sigh* AJ can  be so weird. And confusing.
You're recording? Good. Now you can prove to the whole wide world that you're a scammer. *does the slow clap*

You make me so mad.
Get over it.

This girl, not going to say her username, is running a giveaway. You send her a jam-a-gram with no gift. Instead, you write a compliment about her.
The best compliment wins "a rare".
This seems really shaky. She doesn't say what rare, how rare it is. It could be a RIM from a week ago or something! Hopefully, that won't be the case, though.
 Also, the person who says the nicest thing about her wins? That's like bribing people into telling the world that :"[insert username here] is so nice and funny and she's the best jammer in the world". Bleh.



  1. Welcome to Jamaa Township!

  2. I love how down-to-earth you are Quinn! Your posts are really funny!

  3. Ok so I just found this blog and I think wow


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